Lesliessolutions Introduction:
Thank you for reading about me , my thoughts, and what you should know.. :)
What you should know.. :)
In Bankruptcy one of the steps that have to be done is debtor’s court. That is where creditors have to prove you owe the debt to them.
If it is secured debt like a house, car it is under the pay back area of Bankruptcy. If it is a credit card it is considered unsecured debt.  This is only paid a % of owed then discharged at the end of the payback time through the Trustee (court). Then all  debt under unsecured debt is discharged at the end of the payments to court. And you don’t owe those debts any more. (They are legally discharged.)
Well Attorneys have just like you and I,  just accepted the company that you have been paying your mortgage payments to as who you owe!!
Well that isn’t always true. And as I have found out it is 75% in the area of not true. (Probably higher I am being conservative)
Some Attorneys are realizing this and making the mortgage company prove that you owe it (mortgage debt). And if the company you pay your mortgage to, can’t prove it! (These are only examples: Bank of America, Wells Fargo)Then your mortgage gets (can be)  moved to unsecured debt and discharged along with any other unsecured debt (example credit cards) after all payments to Trustee are made and then your home is yours.
Not everyone can do this with their mortgage but a lot of you can…...
I have learned how to do this through 3 years of school, classes on document study and reading a lot of documents. I have studied with someone who has made it part of his life’s work to teach as many people as possible, how to read the documents on Title of their homes.
By the way, not all documents filed on your Title (home) are truthful. These types of documents are considered manufactured documents. (Fraudulent, not real, etc…..)(Which should make them void.)
This is what alot of them are using to foreclose on your home. This also could be stopped using another method.
Don’t you think you should find out if this is what (maybe) is on your title?  The manufactured documents etc.?
So….here you are and here I am…..
My thoughts:
If you decide to file Bankruptcy, it is probably to save your home from Foreclosure. Don’t you think you should find out if the company you are paying your mortgages payments to, has the legal right to collect?
Don’t you think you should find out if this applies to your home?
Well some attorneys are just now making the creditor prove they have a right to collect. The majority of attorneys aren’t.  The catch is to make sure the attorneys understand what the documents really say or mean!
The attorneys may know the literal meaning of the documents. Now they need to know if these documents are manufactured.  Or that there are no documents, proving your debt is owed to the company claiming to be the creditor.
The documents or lack thereof should prove to the Trustee whether or not your mortgage has the legal right to be moved.  That is, to the unsecured debt side of Bankruptcy.  Then discharged at the end of your payment term.
To find out: costs a lot less than going through Quiet Title Action like I have. 
To find out:  is better than not knowing and missing out on possibly getting your mortgage discharged. 
That means no more mortgage payments, and you keep your home.
I can do a cursory chain of title assessment to see if  your attorney will be able to move your mortgage to unsecured?
You will not know until someone does a chain of title assessment.  They will have to be skilled in reading the documents and researching.  That way verification can be done on the documents on your homes Title.  To make sure the documents are not manufactured!
Or possibly not even filed!
Sincerely Leslie
About me:)
First of all I am not an attorney. Nor do I practice law. But I was asked once by a judge why wasn’t I an attorney?  :)
My thought on this is I really like who I am. I prefer to be in the background.
I work outside the Box and then I PLAY INSIDE the Box.
I hate liars and I really like catching them.
I really believe that karma is a b….  and it will come back and bite you.  Just think of me as someone who is helping  the karma come back quicker to bite :)
Changing laws is a long road to take…. So I had a brain storm that I would work with the laws to bring about the change that needs to be done. 
That is to make people (companies) follow the rules (Law) or pay the consequences.
If you or I break the law we would be arrested, jailed, sentenced for the crime etc.  I just would like to see everyone be treated the same. If you break the law you should have to pay the consequences.
Some of these companies seem to think they don’t have to follow the rules.  It’s time that they find out that they do.
Again Thank You for reading this Introduction.
Sincerely Leslie
Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase
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